For many years I spent my working life in engineering. This lead eventually into two maintenance jobs in the care home environment.
Whilst working here I learnt several lessons about life, especially when you are incapacitated in some way. The one resounding lesson learned was that most of the people I met would have rather remained in their own home, but for physical reasons could no longer manage.
I soon realised that there was a huge gap between what the health services could offer and what was actually needed in order to remain at home.
The idea of some kind of home support just seemed to make perfect sense and hopefully bridges some of that gap.
Note: Just for anyone who's interested, the coat of arms at the top of the page, is basically that of the Manning (my surname) family name and I just thought that it would be suitable as our logo.
I have altered it slightly so as not to infringe on any legalities. 
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