1. We charge a flat rate (almost) irrespective of the work and we also charge in 15 minute segments so that you don't pay a full hour for a part hour job. The only caveat to this is that a minimum of 45 minutes work must be booked otherwise it's not viable. 

2. Once complete, we will agree with our client, the length of time a job has taken and they won't be charged until that time.

3. Initial travel to a clients home will be free of charge, however any onward travel, whilst attending a job, will be charged at the normal rate.

4. We promise to answer all requests, in a timely manner,  even if they cannot be accomplished. We know what it's like to be kept waiting, just to be told 'sorry but we can't help'.

5. Our normal operating hours are: Mon - Wed, 09:30 - 16:30, however services can be booked at any time by emailing or phoning and leaving a message.

6. If for any reason there is an emergency and you require our services outside the normal operating hours there will be an additional £20 call out charge.​ This service is purely offered to help at such times as burst pipes etc.


7. References are available on request.


1. Please try and give as much notice as possible when booking our service. This way we should be able to be there when you want us to be.


2. Please give as much notice as you can if you need to cancel. Someone else might be waiting for your slot.​

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